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The Guild has a New Address!

System, Apr 2, 12 3:02 PM.
The domain name has been changed to a new one , and the site can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild's home on the web!


Ravlynn, Mar 29, 12 10:25 AM.
So i think we are going to wait on the ops until the 1.2 patch hits (suppose to be begining of april) so we dont have to relearn the op since changes are going to be made. We know a story mode will be added and to be honest that may be the best place to start so we can learn the boss battles and all of that. In the meantime keep up with the hardmodes and saving your Tionese coms and crystals because gear cost is also going to drop come 1.2 and pve/pvp stats will change....dont get yourselves burned out have fun and may the force be with you.

Battle Report

Jatt_Zobi, Mar 23, 12 1:41 PM.
We will having our first official ops mission held on March 30th at 7pm est. We have deteremined this to be best time to do our first run based on the avalability of our main 8 people in the ops. We also determined this to be best time so that we still have alittle time to work with a few people get the tactics down and let everyone get a feel for each others play styles. If you are of the 8 people mentioned in the list below it is mandatory that you sign for the event. If you are not signed up for the event you will be replaced for this run. To view the calendar go into month and then view. This will allow you to view the whole months guild events and important upcoming events as well.

This is our battle roster for our 8 person ops groups which will also have alternates if a main person/s cannot be present to ops on a paticular day. Also you will need to read the list below for items you need for ops runs. I will also require you to go to youtube and watch the ops mission we will be running so that you know what will be instore for the ops party, as well as learning your role with-in the ops mission. Also it is mandatory that you are on Teamspeak the whole time of ops mode. It doesn't matter if you have a mic or not its mandatory. Also the ops will be time consuming to start with so they will be set times, so make sure you have nothing going on that will drag you away from the mission or you will be replaced. The first runs could take up to 3 hours to complete. 

Jattzobi- Raid Leader

DPS- Jatt'zobi/ Sentinal
        Oathbreaker/ Sentinal
        Amillersxs/ Sentinal
        Ravlynn/ Scoundler
Tanks- Skyes/ Shadow
          Garpard/ Guardian

Healers- Kerella/ Sage
            Aurabella/ Sage

Items needed for the runs- Stims,med-packs, and enough cash to cover your own repair bill.

If you need either the stims and/or med-packs contact Jatt'zobi and I will make them for your appropriate role in the ops group. All you will need to do is either bring me the mats required for said items or you will need to pay a small some for the cost of items needed. The names listed above are our main 8 people for ops but we also have a few people who are alts if we need to switch a person.

Healers- Piedros/ Sage

DPS- Tyranzel/ Sentinal

Tanks- TBD

These are the list and things that will be for our ops mission as of now.  They could change in the future and of course we would love to be able to get up to a 16 man ops party as our future goal. I would like everyone to read this and agree to this. 

Thank you,
Raid master Jatt'zobi Blackstar


C.Zulu, Mar 16, 12 11:16 AM.
We shall start posting every activity in the guild calender, ie events Guild meetings Hm runs etc, so please pay attention to it as time goes by ! Pvp tactics are also up in the forums go check em out !!! The guild rules are also being put up, once done, reply to them and just say agree. It is your show of commitment to what we are doing.

Have a good one ! 


Trinity is Live

C.Zulu, Mar 14, 12 12:07 AM.
The Ranking system is now live ! Your Squad Commanders are active and ready to prompt service to the Zulu, Victor and Charlie squadrons. Hardmode schedual will go up in due time. The Forums are under construction, but will provide Hardmode videos, tips for the upcoming operations and PVP tactics. See Jatt'zobi for full details. 

On a crucial note, please be advised. Teamspeak is mandatory for all runners and Pvp runs. It is easier on the leaders and yourself, then typing on the fly. 

More info to come, check calender for upcoming events !

To my Fellow Soldiers...

They can take our lives, but never our freedom...
We are tired, beat down...and carrying heavy souls...
   I would give my lightsaber up, for your blaster and take the line...
Stand Firm against the Sith, be your beacon...
Today we wont Fall, today we stand and fight!...
Today, we fight in the name of the republic...

Battlemaster Skyes 

Here at Trinity, we are a small squad, forging ahead in the PVE content. We excel at PvP on Kath Hound, and take great pride in our fellow members. We serve the republic and ourselves, with dignity and composure. We expect the best out of everyone we play with. We are a guild, in preparation for operations on a large scale, and invite you to join The Corp. The need of the many, outweigh the few. If you are looking for a chance to prove yourself in endgame content, this is the place you want to be. 

We also take pride in our Premade PVP runs. We have made several advancements, in our tactics and coordination as a team. Utilising Teamspeak for optimal results. 

If this sounds good to you, put in an application, and forge your path.

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